Gasoline Station

A license is required of any person or company that sells or dispenses gasoline, oil, or any automotive fuel for use in motor vehicles of any kind.

Code Requirements

Guidance relating to Motor Fuel (Gasoline) Stations is contained in the Maplewood City Code, Chapter 14, Article XV. All license holders are required to be familiar with the provisions of this chapter and with applicable Minnesota Statutes and federal regulations.

Apply for a License

Application for Motor Fuel (Gas) Station as been transitioned to an online licensing system (Accela) and is available for access via the Citizen Access portal. Paper applications are no longer accepted, unless applicants are unable to use the online system.

The following document(s) may be required to be submitted with this application:

  1. Permit to Self Insure (if applicant is self-insured for workers' compensation)

Guide to Using the Citizen Access Portal

  1. Registering for an Account
  2. Applying for a License

Expiration / Renewal

License term runs August 1st through July 31st annually. Renewal must occur on or before date of expiration.

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