Sign Ordinance

The City's sign ordinance establishes a comprehensive and impartial system of sign regulations that balances the needs for effective visual communication and a safe, well-maintained, and attractive community. 

Sign Permit & Sign Installer License

A sign permit is required for all permanent signs and some temporary signs; Dynamic Display signs require an annual license. In addition, all sign installers (including those who install portable temporary signs) must be licensed by the City of Maplewood. Please contact 651-249-2300 for licensing questions.

Applications & Handouts

Applications can be submitted by email, in person, or by mail to 1902 County Road B E or dropped off in a clearly marked envelope via the dropbox outside the front door at 1902 County Road B E.

Comprehensive Sign Plan Application (PDF) - Required for:

  • Long-term exemptions to banner and window sign ordinance
  • Multi-tenant building signs
  • Murals
  • Shared signs
  • Signs in planned unit developments
  • Signs on large campuses
  • Sports facility signs in parks
  • Wall dynamic display signs
  • Dynamic display signs when in conjunction with a permitted institutional use

Dynamic Sign License - Application Guide (PDF) 

Sign Installer (Contractor) License Application (PDF)

Sign Permit Application (PDF)

Street Classification (PDF) - Needed to determine new freestanding sign size

Temporary Sign Handout (PDF)

Political Sign Handout (PDF)