Final Plat

Final Plat applications will be reviewed by City staff to ensure consistency with preliminary approvals before being finally approved by the City Council. The Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

Scheduling a Meeting

Planning Staff will schedule a meeting with the City Council after preparing a report and recommendation. Staff will not schedule a meeting unless you have all of the conditions for preliminary plat approval met or can have them met by the Wednesday before the Council meeting.

City staff will inform you of the meeting. You may take the plat to the County for recording after the City Council approves the plat and the Mayor and City Clerk sign it.

The City will not issue any building permits until the County records the plat, water service is installed and in service, and an all-weather access road is constructed.

Application & Submittal Requirements

Please refer to the Final Plat Application (PDF) for submittal requirements.