Zoning Code Update

Over the past 2 years, the City of Maplewood has been working to update City Code Articles I, II, and III of Chapter 44 – Zoning Code in order to provide clarification, make the code easier to use and implement, and reflect current development trends. The sections being updated reflect areas that the City Council and staff identified as needing further attention and revisions in order to be effective for contemporary standards.

The Zoning Code is the set of rules that describes how individual properties within the City can be used. The Zoning Code is structured by dividing the City into districts and then identifying what can occur in each district. The Zoning Code also includes standards that apply to all districts, such as parking, landscaping, screening, signage, etc. The Zoning Map, which shows where the City’s zoning districts are located, can be viewed here.

Below is a summary of the updates made to each article. Links are provided within each overview to see full drafts of the proposed amendments.

  1. Article 1 - In General
  2. Article II – District Regulations
  3. Article III – Sign Regulations

Select sections of Article I are proposed to be revised.

  • Definitions - changes proposed are related to modernizing and clarifying definitions of uses.
  • Nonconformities – these are lots, buildings, or uses of land or of a building, existing at the effective date of any section of the code, which do not conform to the requirements of the section. The update reorganized the regulations by type: use, building/structures, and lots.
  • Off-street parking - The minimum parking requirements were updated to reflect revised use terminology, simplify calculations, and to address changing needs. The amendment also clarifies how shared parking facilities are allowed and added parking space dimensions for parallel parking as was already identified in the mixed-use district.

View proposed revisions to Article I

The Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed changes to these Articles of the City Zoning Code after a Public Hearing at their October 17, 2023 meeting. The City Council will consider the proposal at their December 11, 2023 meeting. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in City Council Chambers at Maplewood City Hall, Council Chambers at 1830 County Rd B E, Maplewood, MN 55109.

Contact Michael Martin, Assistance Community Development Director, at (651) 249-2303 or Michael.Martin@MaplewoodMN.gov with questions or concerns.