Rice Street - Larpenteur Avenue Gateway Area Vision Plan

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What is the Rice-Larpenteur Vision Plan?


he creation of the Rice-Larpenteur Gateway Area Vision Plan was a collaborative effort of the Cities of Maplewood, Roseville, St. Paul, and Ramsey County.  The primary purpose of the planning process was to create a strategy to manage future growth within the corridor in a manner that will foster an attractive destination with strong businesses, vibrant neighborhoods, and beautiful places.  The study area includes the intersection of Rice Street and Larpenteur Avenue, and extending along Rice Street north to County Road B in Maplewood/Roseville and south to Sylvan Street in St. Paul. 

From March 2017 to February 2018 the Gateway Planning Committee (elected officials from all three cities and staff from all three cities and Ramsey County) and the Community Advisory Group (planning commissioners and residents, business owners, and other stakeholders from all three cities) were established to guide the Vision Plan.  On
March 12, 2018, the Maplewood City Council adopted the Vision Plan.  The Vision Plan will be referenced in the City's 2040 Comprehensive Plan and land uses will be adopted in the area that will guide future developments to meet the recommendations of the plan.

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