Truth-in-Sale of Housing

The purpose of the Maplewood truth-in-sale of housing program is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare and to promote decent, safe, and sanitary dwelling accommodations in the city. To help accomplish this, Maplewood requires the disclosure of housing information and defects as a condition at the time of sale.

Truth-In-Sale of Housing Disclosure Report

Before a residence can be shown for sale, the owner must have the property evaluated by a truth-in-sale of housing inspector. After the inspection is complete, the owner must have the report on display and available on site for perspective buyers. A copy of the disclosure report must be issued to the buyer before the execution of a contractual agreement. A truth-in-sale-of-housing disclosure report is only valid for one owner or for one year.

Disclosure Report Sample (PDF)

Scheduling a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluation

You must call the housing evaluator directly to schedule an inspection. Each evaluator sets their own fees and will have varying availability. When the inspection is complete, the evaluator will supply you with a copy and also file one with the city.

View a list of current housing evaluators (PDF).

Note: Currently, the truth-in-sale of housing is for disclosure only and the sale is not contingent on the listed report deficiencies.

For Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluators

The City of Maplewood requires the Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluators to obtain an annual city license. To be licensed in Maplewood as a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Evaluator, please supply the following:

  • License Application (PDF)
  • Certificate of insurance listing City of Maplewood as the certificate holder
  • Copy of either St. Paul or Minneapolis truth-in-housing evaluator license
  • License application fee in form of check