Rental Housing Licensing Program

The City of Maplewood adopted an ordinance in 2019 establishing a rental property license program to maintain housing standards and promote public safety and welfare. 

A Rental Property license is required of any person or business offering a dwelling for rent, and a license must be approved and issued by the City of Maplewood before tenants move into the unit. 

Apply for a Rental Property License - APPLY ONLINE

The Rental Property license application is available through our online licensing system (Accela) and can be accessed via the Citizen Access portal. The documents below are required to be submitted with the application. Once submitted, City staff will review your application and let you know if any other information is needed.

  1. Background Investigation Consent Form
  2. Tax Identification Form
  1. Matt Young

    Neighborhood Preservation Officer - Rental Licensing

  2. Regan Beggs

    Administrative Assistant

Guide to Using the Citizen Access Portal

Please use the reference guides below to assist you in registering for an account and applying for a license. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 651-249-2312.

  1. Registering for an Account
  2. Applying for a Rental Property License

License Fees

Annual license fees are based on the following fee calculation: $150 + $50/unit

You can pay for your license at the end of the online application with a credit card (2.5% processing fee applies). If you prefer, you can bring in or mail your payment to the address below:

City of Maplewood 

Attn:  Rental Licensing

1830 County Road B E

Maplewood, MN 55109


Inspection of a rental property is required before a license will be issued. After receipt of a complete application, you will be notified by email to schedule an inspection (NOTE: this email will come from the email address You can also schedule the inspection using the link above. Please note an inspection will not be conducted until a complete application has been received.

The Initial inspection and first re-inspection will not incur an additional fee; however, if the city has to conduct additional inspections to bring a rental property into compliance, the additional fees will apply: a 2nd re-inspection = $250 fee; 3rd or more re-inspections = $500 fee (per re-inspection).

Rental Inspection Checklist