Snowshoe Rental

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Looking for weekend snowshoe availability? Keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements of our "Pop Up Snowshoe Events" throughout the winter.

Try the snowshoes around the grounds or take them around the trail for a little longer excursion. After your done, stop inside to grab a cup of hot chocolate for road!

No previous experience needed, dress for the weather and wear boots!


Date: Saturday February 4

Time: Anytime between 9am-11am

Ages: 4 - Adult

Cost: FREE

Location: Maplewood Nature Center


Looking for ways to stay active and get outdoors this winter? Give snowshoeing a try! 

Snowshoe rentals are available through the Parks and Natural Resources department at the Maplewood Nature Center for use on the Maplewood Nature Center Preserve grounds.


  • $5/pair for a 2 hour rental
  • For use on Nature Center Preserve grounds
  • Available Monday - Friday, 9a-3p
  • Call 651-249-2111 for reservation questions or to check on snow conditions
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  1. Place your foot in the correct snowshoe; left or right.  The buckles of the binding should be on the outside of your foot. 
  2. Step into the snowshoe binding.
  3. Push the heel of your boot all the way backward so it is tight against the heel strap of the binding. 
  4. Lift the heel strap up to rest at the top of your heel.
  5. Tip your foot forward to see if your toe moves freely through the toe opening. If your toe does not move freely through the toe opening, you will need to adjust your heel strap looser/longer to move your foot backward.
  6. Feed the top ratchet strap through the ratchet hole until finger tight and ratchet until snug.  
  7. Lift and shake your foot to make sure the snowshoe is on tightly.  Tighten straps and/or move heel backward if loose.
  8. Repeat for the other foot.  If either snowshoe feels loose, tighten the straps again.
  9. Remove your snowshoes outside by pinching the two tabs on top of the ratchet together. Pull strap out of ratchet hole. Repeat with strap #2. Push your foot forward, out of the heel strap, and then lift your foot out of the binding.
  10. Brush excess snow from the snowshoes by clicking the bottoms together or brushing off with a whiskbroom.
  11. Bring snowshoes inside and place in designated bin to dry.


  1. No need to walk like a penguin, just keep your feet slightly further apart than normal.
  2. Keep your distance from other snowshoers to prevent stepping on their snowshoes.
  3. Have Fun!
SnowShoe Rules