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Due to COVID-19 and other budgeting issues, the Nature Center Building will remain closed through the summer.  

The trails and outdoor exhibits remain open and will be maintained

With the help of the City’s Nature Center task force and key staff leadership, Maplewood is pursuing a plan to reopen the Nature Center in September 2021. Under the plan we have merged Parks and Recreation and the Nature Center into the Parks and Natural Resources Department.  It includes relocating parks, natural resources and environmental planning staff in the Nature Center building, allowing people enjoying the pond and trails to use the restrooms during business hours and bringing back some environmental and natural resources programing.

When COVID-19 forced the shutdown of this facility, we made a commitment to continue our City’s pursuit of wildlife and natural resources protection and education. With the help of our environmental and natural resources staff, we were able to continue that mission. The Nature Center’s reopening and merger into Parks and Natural Resources, helps ensure we’ll deliver these services more efficiently and at a better value to our taxpayers.  

On behalf of the community and city staff, we appreciate your patience through this reorganization.

Citywide Programs

  • Buckthorn removal
  • Citizen Science Monitoring and more
  • Edgerton Community Gardens
  • Watershed Education