Climate Adaptation

Maplewood was awarded funding through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to create a Climate Adaptation Plan. The plan will focus on identifying the specific geographic features, habitats, City infrastructure and neighborhoods with higher concentrations of vulnerable populations at risk to climate change. Once identified, the plan will assess the storm water management capacities, urban tree canopy conditions, and social support/infrastructure supporting the higher risk populations. Recommendations will be outlined for any modifications appropriate to increase the climate resilience of the City.

Community Outreach

The City is currently conducting outreach to gain insight into residents' knowledge of and concern about climate change. Take the Climate Adaptation online survey to share your thoughts. Next steps, a steering committee made up of City stakeholders will be established to help guide the Climate Adaptation planning process. The steering committee will draft the plan during the winter of 2020. Look for additional details here as we move forward with the Climate Adaption planning process.