GreenStep Cities

For the third year running, the City of Maplewood has received an award from the GreenStep Cities Program for achieving Step 5 recognition, the highest level of achievement in the program. To receive and maintain Step 5 designation, the City must measure and report improvements in core sustainability metrics.

Current Year Metrics

This year, Maplewood improved on 9 metrics: 

  • Both number and capacity of renewable energy installations
  • Both residential and commercial waste generation
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from waste
  • New tree plantings
  • Number of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Recycling rate
  • Resident access to bike trails
Bill Knutson and Mike Funk Accept the GreenStep City Step 5 Award

Quotes from the Mayor

This award is a great achievement for Maplewood, said Mayor Marylee Abrams of Maplewood. And by being part of the program, Maplewood and our peers are helping to make Minnesota more resilient for the future while also helping our cities thrive economically.

Implementing Best Practices

As one of 127 participating cities and tribal nations participating in GreenStep Cities, the City of Maplewood is helping to lead the way in sustainability across the state of Minnesota. The City of Maplewood has worked hard to implement best practices in order to fulfill their sustainability goals. Actions that are taken within the program focus on cost savings, energy use reduction, resource conservation, and the encouragement of civic innovation.

2017 to 2018 Improved Metrics

Below are the metrics Maplewood improved on between 2017 and 2018:

  • Decrease in commercial solid waste generated per job per day
  • Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from waste
  • Decrease in residential solid waste generated per resident per day
  • Increase in % of housing within 1 mile of a bicycle route
  • Increase in % of waste recycled
  • Increase in generation capacity from city- and privately-owned renewable energy generation sites
  • Increase in number of city-owned and privately-owned renewable energy generation sites
  • Increase in number of electric vehicle charging stations
  • Increase in number of trees planted in public places

Helpful Resources

For more information visit the GreenStep Cities website.