GreenStep Cities

Mayor Slawik, Councilmember Abrams, and Assistant City Manager Funk Accept the GreenStep Cities - Step 5 Award

Once again Maplewood has proven to be a leader in sustainability, achieving the Step 5 GreenStep Cities designation.  The award was presented to the City at the 2018 League of Minnesota Cities conference in St. Cloud.  To achieve this designation a City must measure and report core and operational sustainability metrics, and every year thereafter show improvement on those metrics.  It the 2017 reporting year Maplewood improved on the following metrics:

City Operations
- Decrease in gasoline vehicle miles traveled
- Decrease in energy use from City buildings
- Increase in percent of LED street lights

- Decrease in solid waste generated per city resident per day
- Increase in percent of residential waste recycled
- Increase in renewable energy generation sites
- Increase in number of local food venues
- Decrease in greenhouse gas emissions from residential waste generated
- Increase in private green certified building

For more information visit the GreenStep Cities website