Partners in Energy (Energize Maplewood!)

Energy Action Plan 

Maplewood participated in Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy community collaboration.  Many themes emerged during discussion including a desire to be educational, community-led, and action-inspiring;  a desire for adaptable and easily implementable actions; visionary direction towards future generations, carbon neutrality, and grid independence.  The final energy vision states that Maplewood’s energy action plan will:  Educate and empower the community to participate in energy actions that will move Maplewood towards carbon neutrality.  The final energy action plan was adopted on April 27, 2015, and is titled Energize Maplewood!: A Community Action Plan for Carbon Neutrality.  The plan included the following energy actions:   

  • Benchmark Your Business - Energy Benchmarking for Businesses 
  • Building Tune Up Program - Energy Efficiency for Businesses
  • Energize Maplewood! Energy Challenge - Energy Efficiency and Action Challenge for Residential Properties
  • Energize Your Congregation! - Energy Efficiency and Action Challenge for Churches and their Parishioners

The final report with energy savings and actions taken can be found here:  Maplewood Partners in Energy Final Results.

Maplewood spotlighted the Energize Maplewood! energy action plan in the following editions of Seasons (Maplewood's environmental newsletter):  


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