Clean Energy for All

Hello Maplewood Manufactured Home Residents!

  Energize Maplewood

Are your energy bills difficult to manage?  If so, take these steps for support:

  • Step One - Sign up for a Free Utility Bill Consultation:  The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) is offering free energy bill consultation.  Participants will receive custom strategies to reduce energy use, save money, and find eligible programs and rebates.  A 20-minute consultation helps the average household save $150.  Households with higher energy bills can save much more.  For more information visit CUB Minnesota.  
  • Step Two - Sign up for a Home Energy Squad Visit:   You can find out how your home uses (or loses!) energy with a Home Energy Squad visit. During the visit energy experts install energy-saving measures like LED bulbs, a programmable thermostat, and more to help you reduce energy use - and that means saving money on your energy bill.  Learn everything you need to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer in your home.  Free visits are available to income-qualified households.  For more information visit Xcel Energy - Home Energy Squad

About the Program

The City of Maplewood received a Metro Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) seed grant for the Clean Energy for All program. The program was designed to reduce the energy burden for residents living in manufactured homes.    

Maplewood and its partners Xcel Energy, Center for Energy and Environment, and CUB conducted energy outreach opportunities at three manufactured home park communities with over 800 households in 2022.  The energy outreach included Home Energy Squad visits, utility bill consultations, and a report on each household's eligibility for other energy resources and programs.  

The final phase of the program was the Clean Energy for All study.  Climate and energy planning consultants at paleBLUEdot, LLC, researched creative ideas and a next-step action plan to reduce energy use and energy poverty, and advance solar benefits for residents living in manufactured homes.