Tree & Community Forestry

The City of Maplewood values the urban forest and is committed to enhancing tree diversity. To keep our tree canopy healthy, the City’s contracted tree inspector identifies trees with contagious disease or pests on private and public property, including emerald ash borer and oak wilt. To ensure a vibrant and diverse urban canopy, the City has a 1:1 replacement strategy for trees in public spaces and hosts an annual tree sale for residents each spring.

Tree Questions?

Who to contact:

  •  Environmental Planner, 651-249-2304: Tree Preservation for planned building development and tree ordinance revisions
  •  Natural Resources Coordinator, 651-249-2416: Tree Disease Inspection Program and overall urban forestry program
  •  Public Works, 651-249-2400: To report a tree concern on City maintained property and questions about tree contractors or disease

Trees on Private Property

A tree contractor with an arborist on staff should be hired for general maintenance or removal of trees on private property. Oak and Ash trees should not be trimmed from May 1 to October 1. Common questions that arise between neighbors are addressed in the Minnesota Tree Law-A Layperson’s Guide by the University of Minnesota.