Tree Ordinances

Tree Ordinance Amendments

On December 21, 2015, the Maplewood City Council adopted amendments to the Tree Ordinance and Tree Standards.  The ordinance establishes minimum standards for tree preservation and mitigation of environmental impacts resulting from tree removal, it adds a new section on diseased and hazardous trees, and adds requirements for licensing of tree service companies.  The standards highlight important aspects of the requirements for tree preservation, removal, replacement, and shade tree pest management.    

Other Tree and Woodland Ordinances

 Several city ordinances help protect and preserve public and private trees and woodlands in Maplewood:
  • Firewood: Chapter 18, Article II, Division 1. Section 18-33 (22) describes storage requirements for firewood. It prohibits storage of diseased firewood.
  • Burning: Chapter 20, Article II, Section 20-38 addresses recreational fires and burning in the city. Small recreational campfires are permitted with some restrictions.
  • Sight Obstructions and Intersections: Chapter 32, Article VII addresses trees, shrubs and other objects that interfere with sight lines at intersections.

State Regulations

To help slow the spread of emerald ash borer, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has quarantined four counties: Ramsey, Hennepin, Houston, and Winona. The following items may not be moved out of the quarantined counties without a permit:
  • All parts of ash tree
  • Ash chips and mulch
  • Firewood from hardwood trees (not just ash)
  • Untreated ash lumber with bark attached

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