Spoon Lake

About Spoon Lake

At Spoon Lake Preserve you can wander from wetlands to woodlands to a grassy glade. Try to solve the ecological mystery of why a grove of box elder trees at the preserve has hummocky topography! Hint: There was once a drive-in theater in the neighborhood.

The site has been dramatically altered by human activity and invasive species, but these challenges will seem far away on a fall afternoon when you hike through the fallen leaves.


Terrain & Trails

The site ranges from flat to rolling hills. Footpaths at the preserve are not maintained, but are used enough to keep them open for hikers. Bicycling is prohibited, and pets must be leased.


39 acres


The preserve is located on the frontage road northwest of Highway 36 and Highway 61.


There are entrances on Keller Parkway and on Forest Street.


There is a parking lot at Spoon Lake (southwest of the preserve on Keller Parkway).


There are no restrooms or drinking water at the preserve.