Joy Park

About Joy Park

Under a magnificent canopy of oaks, along the shores of Silver Lake, Joy Park blooms. Wildflowers carpet the woodlands, waterfowl are plentiful, and the fishing is good enough to keep the anglers coming back.

Visitors venturing into the neighborhood preserve north of Joy Road retreat into a landscape shaped by nature and man. Glaciers carved the rolling hills here thousands of years ago, 50 years ago cows grazed, and 35 years ago scouts planted pine trees and ash trees. Today you can stretch your legs, ramble through the old pasture grasses, and make your way to the shade of a cool pine plantation. Stay alert, and you may catch a glimpse of a fox.


Terrain & Trails

The preserve north of Joy Road has gently rolling hills. There are footpaths, but no maintained trails. Hiking can be difficult due to thick brush and tall grasses. South of Joy Road, the park has areas of mowed lawn and foot paths, and an asphalt trail is being constructed in Fall 2008.


39-acre preserve north of Joy Road and 21- acre park south of Joy Road


The preserve is located in north Maplewood, just south of Highway 694, at the northwest corner of Century Avenue and Joy Road.


The entrance is located on Joy Road.


Use the parking lot at Joy Park (north end of Silver Lake).


The Preserve has a boat launch, but no restrooms or drinking water.