Fish Creek Greenway

The Fish Creek Natural Area Greenway (PDF) stretches from Carver Lake in Woodbury, through meadows and forests in Maplewood, to the Mississippi River in St. Paul. The heart of the greenway is picturesque Fish Creek and Ramsey County's 142-acre Fish Creek Open Space. The creek is especially intriguing in St. Paul where it carves a narrow channel through bedrock, an area known locally as the Fish Creek Canyon.

In 2010, Maplewood convened a commission to develop a vision for the Greenway. That vision calls for protection and stewardship of natural areas and for improved hiking and access to public lands. Maplewood's Natural Area Greenways (PDF) are large areas of contiguous habitat that cross property boundaries. They include both public and private land. Public lands are open for hiking and exploration; private lands are closed to the public and may someday be developed.