Bulldozer grading dirtEroded sediment in stormwater runoff is the leading source of pollution for Minnesota's surface waters. Material displaced as a result of construction activity contributes more sediment to receiving water bodies than what would be normally deposited.

The increased sediment loadings cause physical and biological harm to our valuable water resources. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 20 to 150 tons of soil per acre is lost to stormwater runoff from construction sites.

Controlling erosion can significantly reduce the amount of sediment and other pollutants that result from construction-site runoff.

Grading Plan & Permit

Any time a significant amount of soil is being displaced or a drainage pattern is being altered the City requires a grading plan and permit. A grading permit application (PDF) must first be completed and submitted with the grading plan. The ordinance outlines what the plan should address and specifies what it should include. After review by the Engineering Division, a permit will/will not be issued.

Any contractor doing grading work in Maplewood must be licensed before receiving the permit. If the project is residential, state licensing is sufficient. Otherwise, if not state licensed or if the project is commercial, the contractor must be city licensed (PDF).

Grading permits are available between 8 am and 4:30 pm from the Engineering Division at the Maplewood Public Works building, directly northeast of City Hall at:
1902 County Road B East
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-249-2400

Erosion Control Compliance Agreement

The contractor/owner will be required to sign an erosion control compliance agreement (PDF), pay a grading permit fee and provide an escrow deposit, to the city, when picking up the grading permit. Before a grading permit will be released, an erosion control inspection is needed.  The escrow will be returned after a final inspection when the turf has been established.

Retaining walls 4 feet or higher require a building permit and must be designed and certified by a qualified professional engineer or landscape architect.