Water Availability Charge

Water main coverA Water Availability Charge (WAC) was established for the purpose of paying the costs associated with the installation of water reserve capacities for additional facilities to be connected to the system.


The current fee for both domestic use and fire flows is $285 per unit in the city. This fee may increase on an annual basis.

The Engineering Division will determine the number of units to be charged for commercial and other installations. A separate residential dwelling is designated as 1 unit.

The WAC fee is collected with the building permit fees for new construction. For owners of existing homes that wish to connect to city water, this $285 fee is paid to the Engineering Division before the connection will be allowed by the water agency such as St Paul Regional Water Services.

Sewer Availability Charge

A Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) was established by the Metropolitan Council to pay for a portion of the debt service incurred to expand and improve sewer facilities. These facilities provide the sewer collection and treatment service for Maplewood residents.


The SAC fee is charged when a user connects to the sewer system for the first time or as the user's potential or peak sewage increases. The SAC unit rate, as set by the Met Council, is $2,485. There is also a local SAC charge set by the City of Maplewood of $130 per unit. These fees may increase on a yearly basis.

Commercial properties must fill out the Application Form for SAC Determination.

The SAC fee is typically collected when a building permit is issued for new construction.

Park Accessibility Charge

A Park Accessibility Charge (PAC) was established by the City of Maplewood. The PAC fund has provided over 95% of all park acquisition, development, and trail funding for the city of Maplewood over the past 30 years.


The current park dedication rates for the city are $3,540 for single family residence and prorated based on density for town homes, duplexes and multifamily residences. The current rate for commercial is 9% of the fair market value.

The PAC fee is collected with the building permit fees for new construction.