Parking Lot Paving

Steamroller paving parking lotA Parking Lot Paving Permit (PDF) is required for milling, paving or striping an existing parking lot.

To receive approval for the permit, three components must be provided on a site plan and discussed with the city:

  • The storm sewer structure and catch basins within the lot.
  • A diagram of the striping plan with the number of total spaces and dimensions of the drive aisles and stalls (width and length). Also, show parking lot placement within the lot; if repaving, indicate the number of existing spaces. This information will help to ensure compliance with Minnesota State Accessibility Code Chapter 1341 and to verify the number of parking spaces is not reduced below the minimum city ordinance requirement or city council approved parking count.
  • The site approach(es) must be compliant with Minnesota State Accessibility Code Chapter 1341.

The permit will only be issued to a City-Licensed Contractor (PDF).