Free Home Safety Audit

The Maplewood Fire Department (MFD) offers free home visits to Maplewood residents for fire prevention inspections. Home visits can be conducted in any residential setting including but not limited to single family homes, apartment buildings, townhouse complexes, manufactured homes, etc.

During the inspections, the firefighters walk through a home with the occupant to look for potential fire risks. The goals is to prevent fires before they happen. Kitchen fires are the most common type of fire in the United States, because it's a place where heat, electricity, water and grease are all part of the equation. Grease fires are particularity common and very dangerous.


The purpose of this Home Safety Survey Program is to create an opportunity for firefighters to talk to citizens one on one about fire safety in the home.

All information obtained will allow the Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division to enhance their understanding of what products may help reduce fires and fire-related injuries.

Surveys are completely voluntary and any products you receive from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal's office or the MFD has been paid for by the FAIR Plan Grant.

During the Survey

MFD Firefighters will check your living areas for proper working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. They will discuss fire safety tips, including fire escape planning and safe cooking habits. Surprisingly, many small fires go unreported. After taking this survey, participants are asked to report any fire that may be experienced in their home. Statistics gathered will be used to determine if any products or education provided during the survey were a factor to reduce any damage of fire or increase resident's safety in any way.

Helpful Resources

If you are interested in participating in this voluntary Home Safety Survey Program, please call the Maplewood Fire Department at 651-249-2801 to schedule an appointment.