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View or print a copy of the EMS Notice of Privacy PracticesAt Maplewood Fire and EMS, there are three types of report you could obtain: Fire Report, EMS Report and Ambulance Billing Report. Almost anyone could request copies of reports for legal purposes, but the requirements are different for:

  • Patient
  • Third-party Requestor (such as: a family member, attorney, insurance claims agent)

Obtain copies of reports and follow all the instructions. If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 651-249-2801. Thank you.

  1. Ambulance Billing Report
  2. Fire Report 
  3. Patient Record Requests
  4. Third-Party Requests

If you are a patient or a third-party requestor looking to obtain a copy of your ambulance billing report, please submit your request to our billing company Trans Medic, which is located at:
33 Wentworth Avenue
Attention Billing Request
Suite 380
West St. Paul, MN 55118

Fax: 651-450-7128

Police Records                          Police Department Patch and Badge

The Police Records Unit is located inside Maplewood City Hall at 1830 County Road B East. If you need to speak to someone in the Records Unit, please ask the customer service desk attendant for help.

Official department records include reports, photos, and tapes covering the 35,000-plus calls to which Maplewood officers respond annually.

In addition to reviewing, processing, storing, and retrieving these documents, Records Unit personnel also maintain computerized records databases, prepare and distribute daily activity summaries and transcribe, and duplicate and distribute investigative reports.

Customer Services Provided by the Police Records Unit

  • Copies of accident reports (25 cents per page fee)
  • Copies of police reports (25 cents per page fee)
  • Statistical reports (prices vary)
  • Fingerprints (residents of Maplewood or those who work within the city)
  • Telephone and walk-in reception for the department