Food Scraps & Yard Waste 

Food Scrap Recycling

Twenty percent of our trash is food scraps.  There's a better option to manage this waste by composting the food scraps.  Check out the available food scrap programs below:

Food Scraps Pick Up

Ramsey and Washington Counties have developed a new way to recover food scraps - the food scraps pick up program.  Food scraps will be placed in a durable compostable bag and placed in your trash cart for pick up on your trash collection day.  The trash and food scraps are sorted at the Ramsey/Washington Recycling and Energy Center.  Food scrap bags are then brought to an industrial compost facility for processing.  More information at  

Food Scraps Drop Off

Maplewood's food scrap drop off site is located next to the Maplewood Community Center (2100 White Bear Avenue). You can use it anytime!  This site is for residential use only, no businesses please.  More information at

Back Yard Composting for Food Scraps and Yard Waste

Back yard composting is easy to do and it gives you a supply of compost, a nutrient-rich organic material that can help improve the soil in your garden. City requirements for back yard compost piles or bins include:

  • Small quantities of lawn and garden waste and food scraps can be composted.
  • Compost pile or bin cannot be in the front yard.
  • Compost pile or bin must be at least 5 feet from rear or side property lines.
  • Compost pile or bin must not be a nuisance to neighbors due to objectionable odors, vector of disease, attracting unwanted wildlife or unsightliness.

Other Yard Waste Disposal Options

Maplewood Trash Plan:  Republic Services offers seasonal and one-time pick up of yard waste to residential trash hauling customers. Collection of yard waste once a week from April through November in a 95 gallon yard waste cart costs.  Additional details can be found on the City's trash hauling webpage or contact Republic Services at (651) 455-8634.

Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites: Ramsey County residents can dispose of yard waste for free at all Ramsey County yard waste sites.