Floodplain Map Update

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted a multi-year floodplain study of Ramsey County. The study was conducted to update the county's floodplain maps, which were originally created in 1986. Floodplain maps are used as an assessment tool to help determine the different flooding risks in a community. Updates to these maps are necessary because of physical changes in the flood plains caused by land use, development, erosion, and natural forces.

Hard copies of the new floodplain maps are available for viewing at the Maplewood City Hall (1830 County Road B East) or the Maplewood Public Works Building (1920 County Road B East). The city is in the process of updating our digital mapping system to reflect the new floodplain delineations. Look here for those maps in the near future.

Floodplain Ordinance

In addition to updating the floodplain maps, FEMA has also made amendments to the Code of Federal Regulations (Code 44, Section 60.3) dealing with flooding. FEMA is requiring that municipalities update their floodplain ordinances to comply with the new regulations, which includes adopting the new floodplain maps.

A summary of the floodplain ordinance amendments being reviewed include the requirement to adopt the new floodplain maps by June 4, 2010, minor changes to permitted uses in a floodplain, new administration requirements for issuing a permit in a floodplain, additional criteria for the city to authorize a variance in a floodplain, and additional restrictions on alterations to nonconforming buildings in a floodplain.

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