Pervious Pavement

What is Pervious Pavement?
Pervious pavement, or porous pavement, is a permeable pavement surface that allows rain water to soak through the surface. Below ground, water is temporarily stored until it can infiltrate into the soil. This reduces the volume of stormwater runoff and helps filter pollutants.

Pervious Asphalt
Pervious asphalt looks a lot like traditional asphalt but has large pores in the surface. Below the surface, a rock chamber two to three feet deep stores water until it can infiltrate into the soil.

Pervious Pavers
Pervious pavers look much like other types of pavers, but the corners where pavers meet are filled with gravel. Water can soak into the gravel area and seep into the soil below.

City Projects
The City has installed pervious pavement on city projects. To see examples, visit:
  • Maplewood Public Works Parking Lot - pervious asphalt, 1902 East County Road B
  • Geranium Park Parking Lot - pervious asphalt, Geranium Avenue
  • Maplewood Nature Center - pervious pavers, 2659 East 7th Street