Poultry Ordinance

The keeping of up to 10 poultry is allowed in any zoning district with a permit.  The initial permit must be approved by 60% of the property owners adjacent to your property. The cost of the initial permit is $75 and the bi-annual renewal is $50. Poultry must be housed in a coop with a run or fenced exercise area in the rear or side yard.

Chicken in the Grass

Poultry Permit 

Poultry permits have a duration period of two years.  They will renew on the April 30th of each odd year.  To apply for a poultry permit please submit the following to the City Clerk's Office:

  • Poultry Permit Application
  • Coop Details (show location on property, dimensions of coop, and distance to property lines and structures)
  • $75 Fee

Following is the City’s process for issuing a poultry permit:

  • The City’s Licensing Specialist sends out a certified letter to all neighboring properties to obtain the required consent for the permit (60% of your adjacent property owners must consent to the permit). 
  • The letter contains a general outline of the poultry ordinance, applicant’s request, and outlines a time frame for response.  A "no reply" to the letter from the adjacent property owner is viewed as consent.
  • If the City receives 60% approvals, a City Enforcement Officer inspects the coop to ensure it was constructed in compliance with the permit requirements.  
  • Once the inspection has passed, the Licensing Specialist will mail the permit and numbered leg bands to the owner.  The leg bands will identify the animal’s owners and will help the City Animal Control Officer contact the applicant if the animal strays.