Noise Control Waiver Request

A Noise Control Waiver is required of any person or company that engages in an activity that causes or creates excessive noise or disturbance between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am. Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday. These hours of prohibition apply to construction, business, institutional, and residential activities.

The City of Maplewood reserves the right to revoke an issued waiver permit based on complaint(s) received by the Police Department during the event, or violation of the waiver request.


Exempt from this requirement are the following:

  • Lawn mowing (during daylight hours, but not before 7 am)
  • Use of landscape/maintenance equipment, power tools, etc. (during daylight hours, but not before 7 am)
  • All forms of snow clearing, at any time due to necessity
  • Any event or activity sponsored by the City

The City Manager may waive the requirement to obtain a noise waiver permit where the activity would not cause a nuisance, and where the proposed activity would not be within 350 feet of a residential use. A list of the property owners, certified by an abstract company or the county abstract office, shall be submitted with the waiver request.

 Code Requirements 

Guidance relating to noise control is contained in the Maplewood City Code, Chapter 18, Article II, Division 3. All permit holders are required to be familiar with the provisions of this Chapter and with applicable Minnesota Statutes and federal regulations.

Apply for a License

Applications have been transitioned to an online licensing system (Accela) and is available for access via the Citizen Access portal.

Guide to using the Citizen Access Portal

Please use the reference guides below to assist you in registering for an account and applying for a license. If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 651-249-2001.


The Noise Control Waiver Request application shall be submit to the City Clerk's Office. The application will be forwarded to the police department for review and approval.