Before Maplewood was settled, the landscape comprised wetlands and oak savannah-prairie with scattered bur oaks and oak groves. Even with roads, commercial and residential development, Maplewood is still home to the plants and animals that have lived for centuries in its grasslands, woods, and ponds.

Maplewood has an abundance of natural areas, and it is easy to view wildlife from private and public land. You might enjoy visiting one of Maplewood's Neighborhood Preserves to look for animal life and wildlife signs.

Do Not Release Pets in Wild Areas

People have released into Maplewood ponds and woods non-native animals that they have kept as pets. This has caused a problem, especially in wetlands where aquatic organisms such Chinese mystery snails, an aquarium species, and goldfish can have a destructive effect on native plants and animals.

Nuisance Wildlife

Some wild life species are doing very well, to the point where they may be considered problems for Maplewood's human residents. Sometimes a simple action, such as not leaving pet food in bowls outdoors, can solve a raccoon problem. Geese prefer feeding in close-cropped lawns, so letting grass grow longer may reduce unwanted goose grazing.