Road Weight Restrictions

Spring load restrictions in the METRO SLL zones will end at 12:01am on Monday, April 24, 2023.  
Weight restrictions are implemented each year from March to May in an effort to preserve and protect Maplewood’s road system during the thawing and refreezing associated with spring.

The maximum duration for these spring weight restrictions will not exceed eight weeks unless extraordinary conditions exist that require additional time or route specific signage is posted.


All roads with concrete curb and gutter are limited to 9 tons per axle, all other roads have a 5 ton per axle weight limit, unless posted otherwise.

Listed below are postings for specific streets in the City of Maplewood that do NOT follow the general rule. (If a street is not listed below it will follow the general rule listed above.)

Posted Exceptions

Roadway Location Posted Limit
Arcade Street
County Road B to Keller Parkway
9 ton
Highwood Avenue
McKnight Road to Century Avenue
9 ton
Jackson Street
Larpenteur Avenue to Roselawn Avenue
9 ton
Keller Parkway
County Road C South to Arcade Street
9 ton
Linwood Avenue
McKnight Road to Century Avenue
9 ton
McMenemy Street
Larpenteur Avenue to County Road B
9 ton
Roselawn Avenue
TH 61 to Rice Street
9 ton
Sterling Street
Carver Avenue to South County Line**
9 ton
**Sterling Bridge
South of Carver Avenue
Single Unit - 18 ton
Truck and Trailer - 30 ton
(Total weight, not per axle)
The road weight restrictions typically won't affect the average car or truck; however, construction vehicles entering residential neighborhoods may have to lighten their loads to comply with the restrictions.

Violators of the road weight restrictions may be fined.

If you have questions, contact the:
  • Public Works Department at 651-249-2400
  • Street Superintendent at 651-249-2420
  • Ramsey County at 651-266-7100 for restrictions on County Maintained roadways
  • Contact MnDOT at 651-582-1550 for restrictions on state highways