Buckthorn Program

Why Is Buckthorn a Concern?

Buckthorn is an invasive tree that has degraded many local woodlands. Its seeds are spread by birds and once established it outcompetes native plants. An area infested with buckthorn often has bare soil and no native ground covers or shrubs. As plant diversity declines, these areas are less resilient and less able to support wildlife. To learn more about buckthorn, click on the buckthorn brochure below.

Annual Free Buckthorn Pickup Day

Maplewood coordinates an annual free buckthorn pick-up for registered homeowners who remove large volumes of buckthorn. Pick-up is scheduled for one day each year, typically in late October or early November. Pick-up is for buckthorn only. 

Reserve your fall buckthorn pick upMaplewood residents who remove enough buckthorn to fill a pick-up truck from their properties will qualify for free curbside pick-up this fall (no other trees or shrubs will be picked up). If you do not have enough buckthorn to qualify, recruit your neighbors and we will include your block.Pickup is scheduled for the week of October 26.  Register by 3:00 pm, Friday, October 23 by emailing recreationonline@maplewoodmn.gov and the phone number to 651-249-2111.

Buckthorn Drop-Off Sites & Other Disposal Options

Residents who do not meet the volume requirements for pick-up may bring buckthorn to one of the Ramsey County Compost sites that accept brush (see link below). Check for requirements and times prior to your visit.

If you are unable to haul your buckthorn, don’t worry, there are many ways to use your buckthorn! See our What To Do With Yard Waste flier below for ideas.


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Residents can receive a discount on buckthorn herbicide products.

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