Vehicle Issues

Vehicle Complaints

Vehicle in disrepairAll vehicles on any property should be currently licensed and have license tabs that are no more than 90 days past their expiration date. They must be in operating condition.

When a vehicle has a flat tire, missing doors, expired plates, etc., it is considered to be inoperable. Outside storage of vehicles that meet these criteria is not allowed, however, you may store them inside of a garage.

Parking is prohibited on all public streets between the hours of 2 and 6 am, and are subject to ticketing and towing by the police (Chapter 18-66 to 18-70, 44-17[j][4], and 36-39).

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

Boats, campers, small utility trailers, snowmobiles, three/four-wheelers may be parked either in the side or rear yard of a property as long as they are setback at least 5 feet from lot lines, surrounding buildings, fences, etc.

If the property is a corner lot, they may not be parked in the side yard of the property closest to the street. RVs may also be parked in an established driveway or approved hard surface as long as they are properly licensed and operable. If you intend to expand your parking area, you must contact engineering before doing so at 651-249-2400.

Commercial Vehicle Parking

City ordinance prohibits any large commercial-type truck or trailer ("1-ton" or larger) to be parked or to stand continuously on any residential property or on any public street in the city (Chapter 36-261, 44-6, 44-101 to 44-102).

Parking in Yards

No person may park or place any motor vehicle in the front yard setback yard area of any lot within the city, except in permitted parking areas. A permitted parking area is one which consists of concrete, asphalt, paving blocks, gravel or another surface approved by the city (Chapter 18-33[23]).

Vehicles "For Sale"

"For Sale" vehicles cannot be displayed in any area other than the resident's established driveway. They may not be placed on the grass or in the street.