Compliance or Citation

Our preference is for the resident to comply voluntarily. Occasionally our efforts result in a "quick fix," but this is the exception.

Violations that are quickly and easily remedied are given 7 to 10 days to comply. Violations that may require a more involved resolution are given a compliance date that is appropriate given the situation and its complexity.

Compliance Order Issued

Once a Compliance Order is issued the property owner may contact the code enforcement officer for further information regarding the City Code, the enforcement process, or to seek an extension on the compliance date.

If the alleged violator admits the violation(s) and requests extended time for compliance, it may be granted if circumstances warrant and/or if a "good faith" effort is being made to correct the violation(s).

Ideal Outcome

The ideal outcome is complete compliance within the requested time. Occasionally, a second notification letter is necessary to encourage compliance.

Infrequently, after all attempts to attain compliance are exhausted, a citation will be issued and/or the case will be turned over to the City Attorney for resolution through the court system. The primary goal of code enforcement is voluntary compliance, not punishment.