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Mar 18

March 15, 2019

Posted to City Manager Blog by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:                

Council Workshop and Meeting on March 25th. Workshop will start at 5:30 pm. Workshop items include the Public Safety Strategic Plan and Commission Interviews.


Greetings from District 622

As you may know, District 622 will be holding a bond referendum election on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The purpose of this bond referendum is for the improvement of District 622 facilities.

You are invited to attend a 622 bond info session for elected officials on Friday, April 5, from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM, at the District Education Center in North St. Paul. If you are available to attend, please RSVP by selecting the following link:

You may learn more by visiting:

Please connect with any questions. John Anderson


SPRWS Mediation Meeting- The mediation session has been set for March 26th. The time has not been confirmed but I believe it will be 6 pm. Mayor Abrams, myself and Shann Finwall will be representing the City at this meeting. We hoping for a successful outcome for the residents.


North End Study Group- will be meeting on March 27th at the Gladstone Fire Station from 6-8 pm.

Updates from Staff and Council:



Rain and Snow Melt Update: Steve Love


Yesterday Chief Lukin, Jon Jarosch, and myself attending a meeting with RWMWD and a number of cities within this watershed district regarding flood risk planning.  This meeting was to discuss what the watershed’s models are showing them, a discussion on what cities are seeing, and how we are able to support each other.  One of the items the watershed talked about is that the current snow pack represents about 4 to 5 inches of water.  As you know with a fast melt and rain this can some localized flooding issues.


PW crews and Fire crews are responding to a number of call due to the melt and rain.  Overall, we are in decent shape.  The following is a summary of some of this work:


  • Crews have been out opening up catch basins to ensure the streets remain open
  • Last night several of the PW crew members responded to drainage issues and were here to about 2:30 a.m.
  • We had to pump one basin in the south leg to lower the water level last night
  • Crews responded to a call on Gem Street last night and worked to open up a drainage swale to help lower water levels at the low point of neighborhood
  • Bryan Nagel, Chief Lukin, and I met this morning at Edgerton Pond.  We are planning to pump Edgerton Pond to lower the water level.  If the pumping is unsuccessful we have a plan to sandbag 3 homes next to the pond.
  • Later today we plan on pumping one low area by Roselawn Pond
  • Bryan Nagel is monitoring several areas and keeping an eye on the weather.  It sounds like we will be going back to temperatures below freezing for about a week.  If the roads do not get dried out crews will be out salting the roads.


Here is update as of Friday at noon from Director Love:


Public Work and Maplewood Fire have been responding to a number of localized flooding issues due to the rapid snow melt and recent rain.  Crews are pumping down Edgerton Pond (by the Forest Lawn Cemetery) south of Roselawn Avenue to create capacity in the basin for additional snow melt and rain.  We are posting the following letter at residential properties in this neighborhood to make sure residents stay off of the ice.


Maplewood Fire and Public Works are responding to a call from 1490 Sterling Street in the south leg.  The residents contacted the City because their basement is flooded and they are without heat.  Both residents are elderly with medical conditions.  Maplewood Fire is making sure that they are ok medically and that they have a safe dry place to stay until the house can pumped out and heat can be restored.  Public Works crews and Maplewood Fire are sandbagging their house and setting up two pumps to bring the water level down in their house and around their home.


Maplewood Fire and Public Works have been responding to other localized flooding issue in the City.  A special shout out to Luanne Cortesi, Public Works Admin, for all the work she is doing speaking with residents, entering in issues into cartegraph, and closely coordinating with Bryan Nagel on all these issues.


I will keep you posted on any major concerns or issues that may occur during the next several days.  Melinda-I am very impressed with Public Works and Chief Lukin and all other staff involved in the response to the water issues. Thanks to them all for the great service. 



2019 Ramsey County Public Works Projects

In 2019 Ramsey County is planning two overlay projects in the City of Maplewood.  Additionally, they will be doing pedestrian ramp improvements along these projects prior to the overlay work.  The first project is Century Avenue between Linwood Ave. and Century Avenue as shown below:

The second project will be on Larpenteur Avenue between east of White Bear Avenue and west of Century Avenue as seen in the map below:

On Wednesday, April 3rd Ramsey County and City staff will be hosting an open house meeting at the YMCA-MCC on the Larpenteur Avenue project to gather feedback from residents.  In the upcoming weeks Ramsey County and City staff will be meeting to discuss potential 4 to 3 lane conversion on several county roads.  This would be similar to what was done on Larpenteur Ave. between I-35E and Highway 61.





HPC- Heritage Service Award

Ron Cockreil Photo of City Council and Ron Cockriel recipient of the Heritage award from HPC.

Rush Line BRT Project – Ramsey County Rail Right-of-Way Master Plan Workshop

Rush Line BRT Project staff will be hosting a Ramsey County Rail Right-of-Way Master Plan Workshop on Wednesday, March 27 from 3:30-6:00 p.m.  Members of all three Rush Line BRT Project advisory committees (Policy, Technical and Community) have been invited.  All members were invited with hope those folks who have a particular interest in the Bruce Vento Trail will participate in this workshop. This workshop will focus on developing guiding principles for this year's design process for the Ramsey County Rail right-of-way, where the Bruce Vento Trail and Rush Line BRT will be co-located. 

 The workshop will be at Realife Cooperative of Phalen Village (1355 Phalen Boulevard in Saint Paul).


Community Development Director Recruitment:  With help from our new financial consultants, Ehlers, we have 2- 3 new candidates that we hope to interview on Wednesday, the 20th. I have done 3 informational interviews this week and were impressed with their qualifications and experience. I will let you know how this plays out next week. I hope we have success with this recruitment.




Rice Larpenteur – Reference: Mayor Marylee Abrams

White Bear Ave Closure – Reference: Maplewood Police



Feb 27

Maplewood Police Department – Ever Evolving, Always Serving

Posted to Council Account by Chad Bergo

It’s hard to imagine the days when the Maplewood PD consisted of a constable and a few deputies. As Maplewood grew from a conglomeration of villages into an incorporated city by 1957 to today’s fully developed suburb, city leaders have sought to change, refine and improve the system of services to meet the needs of a growing and diversified community.

This service evolution includes a professional public safety system, a full-service public works department, a business and environmental development department, and an envied park and trail system. It ensures the community maintains a high quality of life for everyone in a financially and operationally sustainable manner.

For example, Maplewood Police Department’s 52 sworn officers wear body cameras and well-equipped duty belts. A professional civilian staff keeps them informed in the field with state-of-the art records technology systems. Everyone, from those on the job a few weeks to the chief, have attended extensive, nation-leading training.

We can best understand and appreciate their dedication and level of service when we comprehend their mission, policies and plan of operation.

21st Century Policing
– Long before former President Barack Obama commissioned a task force and released a report on best practices in 21st Century Policing to build community trust, transparency and legitimacy, Maplewood PD had established and was practicing many tenants of the final report’s key pillars. New Public Safety Director Scott Nadeau is committed to building relationships with the community with programs such as Coffee with a Cop and outreach in our schools. The Maplewood Police department is committed to examining its records to ensure cultural bias isn’t influencing enforcement. It’s also striving to ensure training is relevant to what officers need to know in the field.

Police Department Strategic Plan 2018
– The police department recently completed its first strategic plan to ensure officers and command staff are meeting community expectations and are accountable for carrying out the plan. It emphasizes community-oriented and problem solving policing, building community relationships, better utilizing technology and implementing a health and wellness guidefor officers’ physical and mental fitness.
Analysis of 2017 Enforcement Action – Chief Nadeau recently released the department’s first comprehensive enforcement action report. When looking at discretionary arrests (where officers have the option to take enforcement action) and demographics, it suggests that officers are not exhibiting bias in their enforcement. It also identifies key demographic changes and highlights certain disparities in non-discretionary enforcement (where officers are mandated by statute or department policy to take an enforcement action). This latter finding highlights broader societal factors that need further exploration.

New Training Initiatives – The department is working to ensure officers’ training goes beyond the tactical mandates. One key training goal is to ensure officers are prepared for crisis intervention and de-escalation, especially when confronting someone struggling with mental illness.

To learn more about recent Maplewood Police Department goals, please visit their website. It is my hope that seeing this information will help us all to be aware of, and appreciate the dedication, values and accountability of the Maplewood Police Department.

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