Our Government

City Government

The City of Maplewood operations as a Plan B Statutory city of Chapter 412 of the Minnesota State Statues. The City Council, consisting of a mayor and 4 council members, all of whom serve at-large, is responsible for setting city policy and overall direction for city operations. The Council appoints a city manager to administer policy and handle daily operations. 

Typical City Hall hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Broadcast of City Meetings

All City meetings are broadcast live on cable channel 16 (Government Access Channel) and are replayed on a varying schedule.

Maplewood residents are eligible to receive a free cable service called "Universal Service." This service includes limited government cable channels such as Maplewood's Government Access Channel 16. Contact Government Television Network (GTN) 16 at 651-779-8302.

Government Television Network 16