Campaign Financial Reports

Filing Requirements

State Statutes 211A governs financial reporting duties and responsibilities of the election candidates/committees and the filing officer (city clerk). Each candidate/committee has a duty to acquaint themselves with the required filing periods and submit their reports on the due dates prescribed by the law. To find out about the required reports and filing due dates please refer to the Secretary of State’s website. Please note that each report must start off from the date when the previous report ended, and extend up to 5 days before the due date.

A failure to file a report is a misdemeanor pursuant to Minnesota Statute 211A05, subdivision 1 and creates an obligation on the filing officer to notify the candidate of the failure. If a report is not received within 10 days the filing officer must notify the Office of Administrative Hearings regarding the violation of Chapter 211A provisions.

State Statute 211A02, subdivision 6 requires the filing officer to make available all filed campaign financial reports for 4 years on the official website, effective 2014.


Campaign Manual

View the Campaign Manual (PDF) for information regarding campaign financial reporting and fair campaign practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review Ramsey County’s Frequently Asked Campaign Finance Questions for more information.