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Feedback On New Hotel Project - 1744 County Road D East

  1. The applicant is proposing a new four-story hotel with 126 rooms. The site would also have 126 parking spaces – meeting code minimum requirement. The hotel would be located on the last vacant parcel in the Legacy development project and would be located directly west of Ashley Furniture. The Legacy Planned Unit Development currently has this site approved as a strip retail center – the council would need to approve a revision to the PUD to allow a hotel on this site. The hotel building was designed to blend in with the nearby residential architecture. This building would have a pitched roof with asphalt shingles, the first floor would be covered with a brick facade and the remaining floors will be covered with lap siding. The lap siding would have three different colors. The project is planned to go before the Community Design Review Board and Planning Commission on April 21, 2020. Please submit any comments you have regarding this project. Comments will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and City Council.

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