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Feedback On Dogtopia Project -2015 Woodlyn Avenue East

  1. The proposed project is for a future tenant at the Plaza 3000 North Annex shopping center, located at 2015 Woodlyn Ave E. The applicant is opening a dog day care with an outdoor recreational area as an ancillary use. The proposed outdoor recreational area consists of a 1000 sq. ft. artificial turf area enclosed by an 8-foot-high composite privacy fence. The outdoor area would be located at the rear of the tenant space which currently consists of a parking lot. The fence and turf would extend approximately 20-feet away from the building to align with an existing door. A sunshade similar in color to the existing building is also proposed. The proposed outdoor area can be accessed directly from the interior of the tenant space. The outdoor area can also be accessed from the exterior via proposed swing gate. No asphalt will be altered or removed.

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