What is a variance?

The City Code establishes standards for most types of development which commonly occur in Maplewood. These standards regulate:

  • Where buildings, yards, parking lots, driveways, signs, and lighting may be placed on properties
  • Minimum and maximum sizes
  • Height
  • Potential effects on adjacent properties
  • Aesthetics

City ordinance provides relief from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance in unusual circumstances. In order for a variance to be granted the circumstances must meet state statue findings for granting a variance. The process used to grant relief from strict requirements of the City Code is called the variance process. In order to receive a variance, property owners must submit a development application, a recently completed lot survey, and a written narrative.

Only the City Council may grant variances, and only after a public hearing has been held. Applicants for variances are required to attend hearings to present their applications.

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