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Posted on: December 21, 2018

Solar for Homeowners

By Ted Redmond, Co-Owner of paleBLUEdot and Environmental and Natural Resources Commissioner

It might seem ironic but Minnesota is a great state for solar. Even during our frigid winters, we still experience a significant number of sun-drenched days. If you are unfamiliar with solar or unsure exactly how to “go solar.” Here are a few tips:

Understanding your property’s suitability – Homes and buildings have different solar suitability depending on things like roof type, which direction the roof faces, and obstructions that cast shadows on your rooftop at the wrong times. A great first step is to doing a suitability study.

Explore the payback – How cost effective solar might be for your home or business is a combination of many factors. Use this solar panel calculator to quickly estimate your solar potential and savings by address.

Get more detailed – As you dig more deeply, explore different solar array sizes for the best benefit.  This tool will help you estimate the energy production and cost of solar PV systems at different sizes for your property.

Own or lease – Solar PV ownership is typically a great long-term investment. Out-right purchase of solar arrays may not always be the best option for some of us though. Luckily there are ownership options including solar leases or power purchase agreements.

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