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Jan 25

January 22, 2021

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 10:42 AM by Chad Bergo



Meetings and Announcements:   

• The next City Council meeting will be held virtually on Monday, January 25th,  2021.  

At the meeting on the 25th, we will have a workshop at 6:30 to review the results of the City wide survey. At the Council meeting you will hear reports from the Nature Center and Park and Recreation Task force representatives. We will also have a tribute to Chief Lukin acknowledging his years of service and retirement.


Updates from Staff and Council:



Update from SPRWS

Good morning Ms. Coleman,

As you may recall, the Nov. 9th meeting of the Maplewood City Council included a presentation from SPRWS on the upcoming McCarron’s Water Treatment Plant project.  Since that time, we have selected a Design-Builder for the project (Jacobs Engineering) and negotiated a contract for the design phase of the work.  Our design phase costs will be less than we’d originally budgeted, but we’re maintaining the same budget expectation for the project as a whole since most costs will be construction-based.

Prior to this point, we had not formally presented the project to the Councils of the other cities that we serve.  We’ve begun reaching out to those cities now to schedule presentations.

While we know a bit more now than we did in November, I don’t think that the new information probably justifies another presentation to the Maplewood City Council. 

I just wanted to provide a brief status update in case you start seeing us pop up on the agendas of other communities.  We’re just catching them up with information that your folks already know at this point.

Please feel free to reach out at any point for updates!



Maplewood Retains GreenStep Cities - Step 5 Award

Maplewood and its community partners advanced in 12-key metrics to retain the GreenStep Cities Highest level award.  They include:


   Reducing energy use in city buildings

   Reduced greenhouse gas 18% in City operations

   Adding four new electric vehicle charging stations citywide

   Reduced commercial and residential water usage

   Increased composting by 28%

   Added 20 additional solar panel sites citywide

   Reduced energy used in street lights and traffic signals



Ramsey County Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Plan

Ramsey County has a draft Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Vision Plan that will set the agenda for the county’s investments and programs related to housing, job growth, redevelopment, and workforce development for the next several years.

The county has invited elected officials to a joint meeting between the Ramsey County Board and municipal elected officials. The meeting is on Wednesday, February 3rd .


Ramsey County Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 3

4:00-6:00 pm ?Ramsey County Economic Competitiveness & Inclusion Vision Plan


Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 943 2203 4189

Passcode: 071988


Please RSVP and direct any questions to Martha Faust at martha.faust@co.ramsey.mn.us or call 651-358-4341



2022 MnDOT Project in Maplewood

MnDOT is planning a road resurfacing project on Highway 36 in 2022.  This project stretches 12 miles along Highway 36 between Edgerton Street in Ramsey County and Greeley Street in Washington County.  The proposed project will include the resurfacing of the pavement, updated pedestrian accessibility, improve traffic signal system, and drainage upgrades.

As part of this project MnDOT is proposing to line a large 36” corrugated metal pipe (CMP) that crosses Highway 36 from Maplewood into Little Canada.  This pipe takes drainage from Maplewood streets and Highway 36 and it then flow north into a pond system in Little Canada.  As part of MnDOT’s pre-project inspection they found that the CMP pipe is beginning to rust through and needs to be lined.  Maplewood is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the first 200 feet of this pipe.  Maplewood staff inspected this section and found it to be in similar condition and it is need of repair.   Staff is coordinating with MnDOT to have our section lined as part of MnDOT’s project.

MnDOT is also looking at constructing a missing segment of walk/trail along Arcade Street that will tie into the existing sidewalk on Arcade Street Bridge over Highway 36 to Spoon Lake Park.  This segment is in the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan as a Priority Pedestrian and Bicycle Project Corridor.  The proposed segment will connect the County Road B and Arcade neighborhood to Spoon Lake Park and to the trail system that leads east to City Hall.

The proposed project is estimated at $14.9 million and will take place from spring 2022 through fall 2022.


2023 & 2024 MnDOT Projects in Maplewood

MnDOT is planning two future projects in Maplewood.  The first project is scheduled to be constructed in 2023 on Stillwater Road (see attachment for project map).  The second project is scheduled to be constructed in 2024 on Highway 61 (see attachment for project map).  Staff is in the process of reviewing the project scope and coordinating with MnDOT’s project team.

MnDOT’s project team is beginning their public engagement process.  Starting next week their team will begin contacting business along the project corridor.  There are two planed identical virtual public open houses planned for the Minnehaha Avenue/Stillwater Road project.  The meetings are being planned for the following dates:


·         March 18, 12:00 – 1:30

·         March 23, 5:00 – 6:30


MnDOT is working on preparing digital and paper invites to the meetings to announce the dates more widely.  They anticipate sharing this information with us sometime next month.  Attached is a short one page flier about the proposed projects.



Deer Management Activities Planned for Southeast Ramsey County

Saint Paul, Maplewood and Ramsey County have partnered again on deer management south of I-94 this winter, pursuant to the 2020-2021 Ramsey County Deer Management Program. In this area, the current deer population exceeds the amount of sustainable deer habitat, which may result in an unhealthy, stressed herd. Overpopulation of deer also results in damage to ornamental and garden plants, high rates of deer/vehicle collisions, and damage or excessive browsing to native trees, shrubs and plants. During January-April of 2021, deer management activities will be accomplished in partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Wildlife Services division. All deer removed in this program will be donated to underserved residents of Ramsey County in coordination with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. 


Wildlife Services sharpshooters will be operating on or adjacent to public lands where permission from affected landowners has been obtained. The management locations have been selected with safety for firearms discharge as the number one priority. Wildlife Services will coordinate their activities with local law enforcement. Control activities will take place primarily after dark, utilizing special precautions including the use of night and thermal vision equipment.  The removal program will cost approximately $15,000 and is being funded jointly by the Ramsey County, the City of Maplewood, and the City of Saint Paul.


These are the reports for this week. As always, please call if I can address any questions or concerns.