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Jan 19

January 15th, 2021

Posted on January 19, 2021 at 2:15 PM by Chad Bergo

Meetings and Announcements:   

• The next City Council meeting will be held virtually on Monday, January 25th,  2021.  

At the meeting on the 25th, we will have a workshop at 6:30 to review the results of the City wide survey. At the Council meeting you will hear reports from the Nature Center and Park and Recreation Task force representatives. We will also have a tribute to Chief Lukin acknowledging his years of service and retirement.

Updates from Staff and Council:



Environmental Health Inspections

Minnesota Department of Health has received threats to health officials that are involved in enforcing the governor’s executive orders. After consulting with Ramsey County and Washington County health departments, city staff has made the decision to stop in-person health inspections for next week. This is being done to safeguard the health and safety of our staff. We will reassess next week and consult with MDH as well as the county to determine when it is safe to return to the field. In the interim, we will continue to work with Maplewood restaurants and businesses via email and phone to ensure safe operations during the pandemic.  




Street Project Update

Staff has been working on the feasibility reports for this year’s proposed Capital Improvement Projects.  This includes the Montana-Nebraska Area Pavement Rehabilitation project, City Project, 20-08 and the Southcrest-Ferndale Area Pavement Rehabilitation project, City Project, 20-09.       


It is anticipated that the feasibility reports will be brought to the January 25th City Council meeting.


Sterling Street Bridge Funding Update

The Sterling Street Bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses Fish Creek just south of Carver Avenue.  The bridge was built in 1942 and is in need of replacement.  Staff started developing a plan to replace this bridge in 2016.  Originally, the project was going to be a 200 foot long bridge which would have been nearly 30 feet tall.  This design would have meet the watershed district’s requirements for no impacts to the flood plain and required the road to be significantly raised to meet State Aid vertical curve requirements.  The project was originally estimated at over $2,000,000. 


Staff and our consultant, Bolton and Menk, worked to reduce the size and scope of the project by utilizing a box culvert system instead of a standard bridge.  This plan required a variance from State Aid to allow us to keep the road at the existing vertical curve height.  The variance significantly reduced the amount of fill needed and thereby reduce the impact to the flood plain.  By reducing the impact to the flood plain it helped us secure a variance from the watershed district for the remaining minimal flood plain impacts.  The box culvert design also reduces the long-term maintenance that a standard bridge would require and would be less susceptible to scour issues. 


The new design reduced the overall project cost to approximately $1,000,000.  Yesterday, staff was notified that application for Bridge Bond Funds was selected for funding in 2021 in the amount of $538,111.  The remaining funding is anticipated to come from Municipal State Aid Funds.  


These are the reports for this week. As always, please call if I can address any questions or concerns.