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Oct 05

October 2, 2020

Posted on October 5, 2020 at 9:18 AM by Chad Bergo


Meetings and Announcements:  

The next City Council meeting will be held Monday, October 12th  We will hold the public hearings on three street projects at this meeting. The Wood Springs Hotel will also be back for approval. According to Jeff Thomson, the owners have made significant changes since the first Council review. More detail in CD info below.

Here are the updates from various departments below.


Updates from Staff and Council:


From Attorney Batty on the upcoming Special Election

Special rules will apply to two candidates who win election to the city council on November 3.


Because of circumstances surrounding the city elections in November, 2018, two vacancies on the city council (the mayor and one council member) were filled by appointments shortly thereafter. A special election will be held on November 3 at the same time as the general election to fill the last two years in office of those seats. Candidates elected at a general election assume office on the first Monday in January of the following year. The rule is different for candidates elected in a special election. Those persons may be sworn in as soon as they qualify for office. That could be in late November or early December of this year.


The election will be held on November 3. Mail-in absentee ballots postmarked by election day will be counted if received no later than November 10. Election results will be finalized by Ramsey County shortly thereafter. The city council is required by state law to canvass (certify) the election results within 10 days and is tentatively scheduled to do so on November 12.


Election results may be contested through a recount. Candidates have seven days following the canvass of the vote to request a recount. That period will end on November 19. After that date and assuming there is no recount, the city clerk will issue a certificate of election to the candidates who win in the special election. They are then eligible to take the oath of office and assume their duties. If there is a recount, things will be delayed until it is completed. The terms of those serving in appointed positions end as soon as their successors take the oath of office. There may or may not be any actual change in the individuals serving on the city council depending on who wins in the special election. The persons winning the two council seats in the general election will assume their offices in January. Please let me know if you have any questions with this.


Thursday, October 1st was the Drive By Celebration for Maplewood Care Center with a 3:30pm Red Ribbon Cutting.  Mayor Abrams attended this event as well as our Public Safety Staff that participated in the parade. Congratulations to the Care Center.


Name new school- Josh Anderson 622

ISD 622 is in the final stages of naming the new elementary school in Maplewood, which is being built on the current Maplewood Middle School property

Here are the options, we’re asking members of the public to rank their choices in order.  There’s more information in the link below. Choices are due by Sunday, October 4th.


top 5 are (in alpha order)

  • Alan Page Elementary
  • Holloway Elementary
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Woodland Elementary


We're getting ready to share this information out on our platforms, but I wanted to pass it along to the city of Maplewood as well. Please feel free to share.





Josh Anderson

Director of Communications and Technology Innovation

School District 622

North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale



Ponds at Battle Creek

City staff held the initial meeting with Perkins & Will and Ramsey County staff to discuss the community engagement process for the Ponds at Battle Creek and the land adjacent to the correctional facility. County staff indicated that the county still plans to close the golf course at the end of this season but indicated the county board may consider extending the closure to next year as part of its 2021 budget approval. A preliminary timeline has been established for the community meetings and city council updates for the redevelopment plan:

Mid-November – Community Meeting #1 – Visioning Workshop

January 11, 2021 – City Council Workshop

January 2021 – Community Meeting #2 – Design Workshop

February 2021 – City Council Workshop

End of February – Community Meeting #3 – Open House

March/April – City Council Approval of Redevelopment Plan


We will keep the council informed as we have additional information on the format of the community meetings and the community engagement strategies that will be utilized.


WoodSpring Suites Hotel – 1744 County Road D East

The council will continue its review of a proposed hotel at 1744 County Road D East at its meeting on October 12. The applicant has updated its design plans to incorporate the additional brick the CDRB had requested – samples of renderings are below – full-sized copies of the renderings will be included in the staff report for the council meeting. The applicant has also provided additional information to the city regarding the management company that would operate this site. The applicant selected this management company after what it called an “extensive vetting process” and wants to emphasize that neither the applicant nor this management company have any affiliation with the other WoodSpring Suites that currently exist in the Twin Cities. More background information on the management company will be included in the staff report. Lastly, the applicant will continue to ask the council to consider 9-foot wide-spaces. Requiring the project to commit to 9.5-foot-wide spaces will result in the loss of 10 parking spaces which is a concern to the applicant and city staff.  In a survey of neighboring cities, staff found the minimum parking width – for all uses – in Woodbury, Roseville and North Saint Paul is 9 feet. In White Bear Lake is 8.5 feet. In Maplewood the minimum parking widths are 9.5 feet and 10 feet – depending on use.


These are the reports for this week.  As always, please call if I can address any questions or concerns. Thank you.