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Jun 10

June 7th, 2019

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 6:26 AM by Chad Bergo

Meetings and Announcements:   


Next Council Workshop and Meeting is Monday, June 10th.  Workshop start time is 5:30 pm.  Items include the Preliminary CIP review and update on the North End Study. Dinner will be available at 4:30 pm.

Updates from Staff and Council:



The following is an traffic control update related to the Xcel’s gas main replacement project on County Road B and Century Avenue:


  • Intersection of White Bear Avenue and County Road B

o   The crossing of White Bear Avenue at County Road B is being done in thirds

o   Monday, June 10, 2019

§  Crews will be shifting traffic control early Monday morning in order to start work on Phase 3 (east third of White Bear Avenue crossing)

·         A copy of the traffic control plan for Phase 3 is attached to this email

·         City Hall entrance will be open and accessible from Van Dyke Street (see attached access map)

·         Phase 3 is anticipated to be completed by 6/27 (weather dependent)

·         Crossing of City Hall entrance is anticipated to be done some time between 6/19-6/27

o   As we get closer to this crossing I will update everyone on the dates, how long the crossing will take, and how you will be able to access City Hall.

§  Phase 2 Traffic Control Changes

·         South bound traffic on White Bear Avenue – No Access to County Road B

·         North bound traffic on White Bear Avenue – No Access to County Road B

·         County Road B west of White Bear Avenue – Open, Full Access to White Bear Ave, and No Access to County Road B East of White Bear Ave.

·         County Road B east of White Bear Avenue – Full closure between White Bear Ave. and City Hall entrance/Van Dyke Street

  • City Hall Access During Phase 3 (see attached map)

·         From the White Bear Avenue and Castle Avenue/Cope Avenue Intersection

o   East on Castle Avenue to Van Dyke Street

o   South on Van Dyke Street across County Road B to City Hall

·         From the White Bear Avenue and County Road B Intersection

o    No Access

·         From the White Bear Avenue and MCC entrance road intersection

  • County Road B (between Van Dyke Street and McKnight Road)

o   Road closed to through traffic

o   Two crews are working on County Road B

§  County Road B between White Bear Ave. and McKnight Road is anticipated to be completed by early August

  • Century Avenue

o   A crew is working on Century Avenue between County Road B and Holloway Avenue

§  Harvester Avenue fully closed at Century Avenue

§  See attachment for detour route


For more information on Xcel’s gas main replacement project please see their project website.



Rush Line – Tuesday on the Trails


The following is a list of dates, times, and locations of upcoming Tuesday on Trails public engagement events for the Rush Line project:

  • Tuesday, June 11: Intersection of Bruce Vento Trail and Larpenteur Avenue, 4-6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 18: Intersection of Bruce Vento Trail and Frost Avenue, 4-6 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 25: Intersection of Bruce Vento Trail and Gervais Avenue, 4-6 p.m.



City-Owned Buildings in Gladstone 

As part of the city’s redevelopment strategy in Gladstone two buildings have been purchased within the last year – the former Gladstone House (1375 Frost) and the former Moose Lodge (1946 English). Staff is aware there is an eagerness in removing these two unattractive buildings but there are a couple of considerations that need to be made before demolition can begin. First, Public Safety is looking at running training sessions within the Moose Lodge building before it is torn down. Next, the biggest barrier with demolishing either building is there is development impacts in terms of the use of tax increment financing (TIF). Based on state statute, once the building has been removed, the property owner - in both cases here the city - has three years to implement a TIF district. Anything beyond three years is then not TIF eligible because the "blight" has been removed. So again, while staff does want the buildings removed for aesthetic reasons we're also being cautious to not inadvertently eliminate the potential use of TIF from our toolbox as we work on getting these sites redeveloped.


2040 Comprehensive Plan

This week the Metropolitan Council notified staff it has found Maplewood’s draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan complete and will begin its formal approval process. Metropolitan Council is allowed by state statute to take 120 days to complete its formal review. The full Metropolitan Council is scheduled to approve Maplewood’s plan on August 28, 2019. Staff will then bring the plan to the Maplewood City Council in September for formal adoption which will also complete the comprehensive plan update process. 

Staff submitted Maplewood’s draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan to the Metropolitan Council on December 21, 2018 – meeting the required deadline for plan submission. The city received feedback from the Metropolitan Council on January 23, 2019 requesting minor revisions to the plan’s sanitary sewer chapter. Staff worked with the Metropolitan Council to make the required minor changes to this chapter. It should be noted that while the city staff only had to submit two revisions to the entire draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan, each submission resets the clock in which the Metropolitan Council is required to respond to the city’s submittal. This has resulted in the amount of time it has taken from plan submission last December to the anticipated approval in August. The Metropolitan Council’s timeline for Maplewood’s comp plan approval is consistent with the timeline for other cities that submitted their plans by the end of 2018.



News from local sources or partners


http://eastsidereviewnews.com/articles/2019/06/05/maplewood-backs-pair-affordable-housing-projects  Reference:  Mayor Abrams