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September 6, 2023 3:54 PM

With severe drought, St. Paul Regional Water Services encourages customers to use odd/even watering schedules

SAINT PAUL, MN – Although cooler temperatures are here, the area remains in a severe drought that is impacting communities across the Twin Cities and beyond.
Saint Paul Regional Water Services is encouraged customers to use odd/even Watering Schedules Starting September 7.

"We do not anticipate any service issues,” said SPRWS General Manager Patrick Shea. “These conservation measures will help ensure we are using resources responsibly as Mississippi River flow levels continue to drop during drought conditions.”

As of August 29, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) shows nearly the entire state is abnormally dry and the Twin Cities is in severe drought. Enforceable water restrictions may become necessary in the next few weeks if drought conditions get worse and/or water reduction goals are not met. In the coming days and weeks, SPRWS will continue to work with water service partners, including the DNR, to monitor drought conditions in the community and formal restrictions will be announced if/when necessary.

Effective Thursday, September 7, SPRWS is asking water customers to engage in these watering schedules until the end of the year:
• Odd/Even Watering
o SPRWS customers with odd-numbered addresses are asked to limit outdoor watering to odd-numbered days of the month.
o SPRWS customers with even-numbered addresses are asked to limit outdoor water use to even-numbered days of the month.
• Watering Time Restrictions:
o SPRWS customers are asked to limit outdoor watering to the cooler times of the day - before noon or after 6 p.m. - to minimize evaporation.
• Exceptions to the Request Include:
o Commercial uses of outdoor water, including nurseries or community gardens.
o Watering of new sod or seed if daily watering is required.

ADDITIONAL WATER CONSERVATION TIPS In addition to watering schedules, residents are encouraged to consider these additional actions which can support water conversation efforts:
• Water grass only when needed. Most lawns only need an inch of water a week.
• Adjust lawn mower to height of 1.5 - 2 inches. Taller grass shades roots and holds moisture better.
• Leave lawn clippings on your grass, this cools the ground and holds in moisture.
• Take shorter showers using low flow showerheads instead of baths.
• Turn the faucet off while you shave or brush your teeth.
• Fill the sink to wash dishes by hand instead of letting the water run.
• Run dishwashers and washing machines only when fully loaded.
For more water conservation tips, visit SPRWS's website at

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