Edgerton Community Garden

2023 Garden Registration Details 

Waiting List

  • The 2023 garden plot registration is still open, however, there may be limited or no plots available.  If the garden plots are full, add your name to the Activenet registration waiting list.  Garden plots do become available if gardeners drop out of the program.  

Garden Plot Fees

  •  Resident: 
    • Raised Bed Garden (ADA or Standard Raised Bed) - $30
    • In-Ground Garden - $35
  • Non-resident:  
    • Raised Bed Garden (ADA or Standard Raised Bed) - $35
    • In-Ground Garden - $40 
  • Reduced rate for low income households:
    • $15
    • To qualify households must verify that they qualify for a financial assistance program such as the reduced or free lunch program, supplemental nutrition assistance, or medical assistance.
    • To register for the reduced rate you must pre-register, pay full cost, and e-mail low income verification to Shann Finwall (see contact information below).  Once approved your account will be adjusted and you will be credited.  

Registration Links via Activenet

Register for each plot type individually.    

For questions or assistance registering contact Shann Finwall (see contact information below).

Garden Details  

  • Location:  Edgerton Park, 2001 Edgerton Street North
  • Plot Map
  • 70 plots including: 
    • 58 in-ground plots - 12-foot by 15-foot
    • 10 raised beds - 4-foot by 8-foot  
    • 2 accessible Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) raised beds - 3-foot by 5-foot
  • 2023 Edgerton Community Garden Agreement and Waiver
  • The City provides water spigots.
  • Renters agree to plant, maintain, and harvest their plots using organic (chemical-free) methods.
  • Garden season is Friday April 28, 2023 through Wednesday, October 18, 2023.


  • Shann Finwall, Environmental Planner, 651-249-2304 or email