Nature Center Volunteer

Existing Volunteers

Existing volunteers can utilize our Maplewood Nature Center Volunteer Portal.

Prospective Volunteers

Come connect with nature!

Nature Center volunteers have a chance to meet other nature enthusiasts, learn how to protect our natural resources, and experience more nature 1st-hand. Volunteering is good for you, for your community, for nature, and best of all, it is fun!

How to Get Started

Adult volunteers must attend a new volunteer orientation and pass a background check. For youth volunteers and for more information, contact the Volunteer coordinator, Oakley Biesanz, by phone at 651-249-2173. You can fill out the Adult Application and Background Check (PDF) and send it to the Nature Center, or just contact the Nature Center with your interest We will get the process started.

Downloads & Links

Adult Volunteer Application - Online Form

Volunteer Background Check (PDF) - Form must be printed, filled out in pen, signed, and submitted to the Maplewood Nature Center before volunteering can begin. You can also pick up a copy of this form at the Nature Center.

Volunteer Opportunities