Green Building Program

Energy Efficient Strategy

In December of 2009, Maplewood adopted an energy efficiency and conservation strategy. This plan was required as part of the city's energy efficiency conservation block grant. One of the intended goals of the energy plan was to help establish policies and priorities to move Maplewood in the direction of improved long-term operational energy efficiency.

Implementation of the energy conservation strategy includes the adoption of energy policies to help achieve the city's energy goals. The new Maplewood Green Building program will help promote sustainable building practices in the city. The city will lead by example by applying the new Green Construction code to all future city funded building projects.

Just over 3 years ago, the Maplewood City Council approved an exploratory green building program search that would promote a citywide green building program that would be effective, efficient, and tailored to the city.

International Code Council Partnership

To design the Maplewood Green Building Code representatives from the building inspection division of the Environmental and Economic Development Department partnered with the International Code Council to assist in the development of a National Green Building Standards for residential buildings and the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) for commercial buildings. The Maplewood Green Building program is based on these new national codes.


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