Absentee Voting

  1. Vote Absentee in Person
  2. Vote Absentee by Mail
  3. Military and Overseas Voters

Any Maplewood resident can vote absentee/early at Maplewood City Hall during the absentee voting period. Absentee voting for the 2024 Election will be conducted during regular hours on the following dates: 

Presidential Nomination Primary-January 19 to March 4, 2024

State and Federal Primary-June 29 to August 12, 2024

State and Federal General-October 18 to November 4, 2024

Additional in-person absentee voting locations  

Download the absentee ballot application

Track your absentee ballot

7 days preceding the election Maplewood residents will also have an option to cast their ballot early at one of the locations designated by the Ramsey County Elections office, including the Maplewood City Hall location. 

This process is different than the traditional absentee voting as voters will have an option to directly feed their ballot through the ballot machine instead of placing their absentee ballots in ballot envelopes. 

For additional information about the locations and hours, please visit Ramsey County Elections

Online Tools for Voters
The Secretary of State provides the following online tools to enhance your voting experience!