Current Assessments

Current Pending or Levied Assessments
The city has 3 street improvement projects in 2016 which have assessments:  
     Bellaire Ave, Project 15-16
     Beebe Road, Project 13-10
     Lakewood-Sterling Area, Project 15-11
Any unpaid balances from these levied assessments will be certified to Ramsey County for 8 years starting in 2017 in November. 

Pending Assessments
Once the city council has held the public hearing for a particular project, and has determined, (by majority vote), that the project is necessary and in the best interest of the community, all the affected properties are considered to have a Pending Assessment status.

Property owners that have received written notification of this public hearing are now legally required to disclose the property’s possible assessment liability at the time of a sale of the encumbered parcel.

Note: The lists and maps of pending assessment areas listed are not official assessment rolls and are subject to change. As part of the project feasibility process, a preliminary or “Mock” assessment roll is prepared to identify probable properties that may be affected by an assessment and what the probable assessment might be. During the design process, more information becomes available which is factored into the preparation of the official final assessment roll, thus the pending amounts may be subject to change.

Levied Assessments
Once the City Council has held the assessment hearing and has adopted the assessment roll by majority vote, the status of the assessments will change from a pending assessment to a levied assessment status. Note any assessment rolls listed are the official assessment roll as acted upon by the city council. If there are individual parcels that are under review, or being given special consideration, they will be noted as such on the assessment roll.

Note: Assessments levied in the current calendar year are certified to Ramsey County after November 15th of the year the assessment is adopted. Once assessments have been certified to Ramsey County, all assessment payments and pay offs, must be paid to Ramsey County NOT the City of Maplewood.